I am Aminur Rahman Noor, an Entrepreneur, Author, and SEO Expert. I am the Founder and CEO of “Our Web School” and “Pro SEO Partner”. “Our Web School” is a website-based unique learning system in Bangladesh, and “Pro SEO Partner” is a professional digital marketing agency. I also wrote a book named “Geometry for Competitive Exam” for GRE, GMAT, Bank, IBA, etc.

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Aminur Rahman Noor

I am a GRE Mentor at “Our Math School” and have been teaching GRE Quantitative Reasoning since 2019. In addition, I have been teaching Higher Mathematics, ICT, and Physics for HSC and admission tests since 2011.

I am currently working as an SEO Manager in different organizations and institutions. Also, I provide all digital marketing services with the best effort! I am always ready to help my clients to reach his/her desired target using my hard work, creativity, and well-organized plan. I always welcome a new challenge because a new challenge always gives me the best opportunities, experience, and knowledge. And in this constantly changing digital marketing world, you cannot survive without welcoming a new challenge and creativity.